East Crest – Buy Premium Apartments in Bangalore

If a buyer is looking for premium apartments in Bangalore at relatively economical prices, then East Crest is a perfect option to invest in. This is a new project by Salarpuria Sattva– who is a local builder with almost three decades of residential as well as commercial property development experience. These builders are now developing this project in the Konadasapura locality of Bangalore. This locality lies close to the Bangalore airport and also grants good road access to the other parts of the city. This locality is an up and coming neighbourhood near the airport, and is a good investment prospect. The builders have had the insight to offer a project in a locality that is bound to exhibit a rise in property values in the times to come. Additionally, the Salarpuria Sattva East Crest also enjoys the first movers’ advantage.

What are the Salarpuria Sattava Offerings?

The East Crest project is one of the many projects by the builder which are currently under development in numerous parts of the city. However this particular project is the only one in the locality and comes with ample features and facilities. The East Crest promises a peaceful and luxurious life. The whole project comprises of eleven residential buildings along with ample societal facilities that would help residents lead a healthy social life.


For starters, the builders have created ample spaces for social interactions. There is a community hall where indoor functions can be conducted. There is also an amphitheatre in the premises which allows outdoor activities to be organized. Similarly, the senior citizens have their own space for interactions. There is a coffee house within the premises which allows a place to sit and interact within the premises. Similarly, there is a crèche available as well. Here, parents can leave their toddlers and go about their tasks as and when needed. There is also a clinic and a pharmacy planned. So is the convenience store which would facilitate the daily needs of the residents.

In addition to all the other features, the project has a rain water harvesting system installed. This would ensure an all round water supply to the property. Similarly, the sewage treatment plant will allow an efficient disposal of waste. There are other amenities included in the project as well. A cricket field has been created alongside facilities to play squash, tennis and basket ball. There are indoor game features as well. The builders have also provided a swimming pool, gym, a jogging track and even a skating rink. All these features together make a formidable offering which offers not only good apartments but also a good social lifestyle.


Assessing the property

The Salarpuria Old Madras Road project can now be booked from the housing.com website. The builders have now access to the “Slice View” tool which allows them to isolate entire floors in a three dimensional virtual model of the project. After the floor has been isolated, there is a provision to view individual accommodations in their three dimensional avatar as well. The buyer can proceed to book the apartment from within this view. Housing.com has created a secure payment channel which facilitates payment and takes the property off the availability list.


In Conclusion

Housing.com allows end users to access the Slice View tool from its ‘New Project’ section.


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