Salt Lake City Commercial Roll up Doors

No matter what shop it is, security must be noted well. This is for a protection from the possible treats, especially for theft. Installing security systems such as CCTV is not enough. Anyways, this is just for monitoring. You need a security closure for this. But if you are looking for the reliable one, there is a name to consider. That name is Alumatec’s.

Their security closures are really good and reliable. They are manufactured with solid aluminum rods and have been used in many shopping malls, schools, and airports, parking garages, hotels and drug stores. Each grill can be customized to your exact spec and size. For the standard link spacing, this is about 9 inches. And for the rod spacing, the size is 2 inches. All of them accommodate for opening up to 40 inches wide and 20 inches high.

There are the various Salt Lake City side folding grilles for the specific purposes. Some of them are performed shutter, polycarbonate, solid shutter and fenestrated shutter. Each security closure has the different design and designed with the different material. It was designed for the specific purpose. Performed shutter is good for high security with elegant look. This is ideal for retail store. For industry, polycarbonate is the best. It equipped with 100% closed curtain and works with motor, especially if the closed curtain is more than 135 square feet. For complete protection, there is solid shutter. But if you expect for maximum security along with airflow, you have to consider fenestrated shutter.

Besides offering the good product, it offers the good service too. Even you can request quotes too. Visit the official website to find out more about this service. If you want, you can download the brochures as well. Stills wondering about the reliability of the security closure? Read the testimonials and you will be sure about one thing. This is the best place to find the right protection for your business.